THE JUMP 1-2 from Ringo Award-winner Rylend Grant

Created by Rylend Grant

A kick-you-in-the-teeth paranoid thriller set in the world of astral projection from the creator of Action Lab's ABERRANT and BANJAX.

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almost 2 years ago – Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 09:22:28 AM

Hey Jumpers,

  We did it again, thanks to you! THE JUMP #2 is now fully funded!

And now, we're on to some very bad ass stretch goals. The first was triggered at $7K. Now, each and every backer will receive our BONUS DIGITAL EXTRAVAGANZA... a virtual cornucopia of books (at least a dozen) from some of the hottest creators in comics. I'll reveal those titles slowly but surely over the course of the campaign... but after receiving Aberrant #1, Banjax #1, and that Peacekeepers preview, you're essentially all receiving 16+ comics for the one pledge. So that's pretty damn cool.

The next stretch goal triggers at $10K... you'll all be receiving an incredible Mike Mignola-inspired JUMP print then. Stay tuned for the reveal on that soon.

I'll be back tonight or tomorrow with some more mad cap fun with you guys. Thank you again, very sincerely for all the support here. This is such a wonderful community and I'm so lucky to be a part of it.

Talk soon!


P.S. Some friends of mine have some WONDERFUL campaigns running right now that are ending VERY SOON. Take a look:

Chronicles of the Immortal Swordsmen #1

Written by Peter Shiao, with art by Gabe Sapienza, colors by Irma Kniivila and letters by Deron Bennett, the double-sized first issue follows Phil Du, a young man whose heroic reawakening into an ancient order of supernatural warriors coincides with a new civil war  and a cataclysmic occurrence known as The Reckoning.

This is the team's return to the Immortal Storyverse, which started right here on Kickstarter with the launch of The Adept #1 last June (IT WAS AWESOME).  This time, they're offering a blend of ancient and future, thier take on a cross between Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon and The Matrix.

Guys, honestly... the Adept was one of my absolute favorite Kickstarter books ever. So, trust me, you're not going to want to miss this one!



GREEN INFERNO is a 200-page anthology of Eco-Horror Fiction & Comics from a diverse and international team of creators; it's currently 89% funded with 3 days to go, and they'll be announcing their first stretch goal later today or tomorrow.


Happy weekend! Soda and Telepaths review/podcast!
almost 2 years ago – Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 03:16:11 PM

Hey Jumpers,

  I hope the weekend is treating you splendidly. I thought I'd hop on here quickly to share with you this gushing review of THE JUMP #1 from, Anthony Pollock over at Soda and Telepaths.

"Fabio Alves’ linework enriches the storyline while giving Edson Ferreira’s colours plenty of room to breath in the dark world of Thomas’ reality to the Ghost-like apparitions of Thomas and Laney’s astral forms. The Jump is a ballsy move into a science rarely expanded upon in the comic book medium. Rylend Grant’s scriptwork shows as much reverence for Astral Projection, Hypnogogia and Trance states as he does in developing his characters."

And HERE is me talking with Anthony on his ANOTHER GODDAMN UNIVERSE podcast about all things JUMP.

Talk soon! Stay safe out there!


P.S. There is some other REALLY COOL stuff here Kickstarter... here are some projects I'm taking a hard look at:


A grounded, hard-hitting, comic book about mercenary Cara Deol and her fight to confront her future from TV writer, podcaster, & standup comedian Christian Spicer.

CONSEQUENCES is a story about violent actions and their consequences. In a world painted as simply black and white, right and wrong, Cara Deol lives in the moral grey area everyone pretends doesn’t exist. As one of the best mercenaries in the world, Cara never asked questions, she just got results. When some of those “results,” however, shed light on her employer’s plot to destabilize elections in the United States, Cara knew her life was in grave danger. She decided to disappear.

She didn’t speak up. She didn’t risk it all to do “what was right.” She ran, but her past ran after her. Her former employer outed Cara, leaking information about her to the CIA and FBI. Cara never viewed herself as a hero, but she also wasn’t just going to roll over. Cara’s story is part Atomic Blonde, Bullitt, and John Wick.

Its action sequences pack one hell of a punch. As her past catches up to her, Cara must reckon with what she’s done, who she’s done it for, and most importantly, what she does next.

Just four days left on this one! CHECK IT OUT HERE!


Everyone who is at least a little familiar with Norse Mythology must have heard something about Odin who seems to be the most prominent among the gods of the northern pantheon. He was associated with magic and death, with shamanic trance and battle fury. It is said that he is the wisest of the gods and that he has possessed all the knowledge that is attainable to the living creatures.

However, unlike any seeress or giantess – or maybe a female figure in mythology in general – those are not his inherent attributes but tools rather that he has to acquire using trick and lies. In contrary to the late medieval beliefs, Odin of the early pagan myths (as indicated in some recent research) seems to be a trickster figure rather than a dignified monarch.

In this second issue of the series, the creators present the myth in which Odin embarks on a journey full of adventures and romantic conquests and tries to win - for himself and mankind – the gift of poetry.


Starside #4

Starside is sci-fi/fantasy comic about timid 16-year-old Jack, who is ripped away from his life on Earth and dropped into a war-torn universe where he discovers interplanetary slavers, a crusading army, and the origins of Humanity. In his efforts to survive in a strange and dangerous environment, Jack finds confidence and family in a band of misfits fighting to unite the broken universe, and discovers that Humans are much more powerful than we ever imagined.

This campaign is for issue 4, but if you're new to the story you can catch up with either digital or physical copies of Starside #1-4. And don't miss the other cool rewards offered including an art print, a patch, and a variant cover. The campaign ends on Thursday, April 1st and the team is working toward their final stretch goal!



There have been four previous suns over four previous earths...each one born of the gods' sacrifice and each destroyed by the gods' conflicts.

When the gods came together to create the Fifth Sun, the Soul Guide of the Dead, Xolotl, refused to perform his own sacrificial rite. Jaded after millenia of destruction and death, Xolotl hid away and watched his family sacrifice themselves in the name of hope for life beyond themselves.

Xolotl, alone and ashamed, became racked with guilt, causing him to weep so intensely that his eyes fell from his head and descended to the center of the newly forged universe: the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan.

Seeing an opportunity to redeem himself, to honor the sacrifice of his family, Xolotl guided the Aztecs to forge two macahuitl, imbued with a piece of his own godhood. The Left and Right Eye of Xolotl, entrusted to twin siblings to wield together in defense of the Fifth Sun, became known as...The Twin Blades.

This one looks like a lot of fun. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

The first review is in!
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 09:42:45 AM

Hey Jumpers,

The first review of The Jump - Issue 2 is in and it's a lights out FIVE STAR RAVE! Jason Bennett from PopCultHQ says "THE JUMP is a can't miss, next level series! Issue 2 will leave you enraptured. Prepare to be fascinated, intrigued, and clamoring for more."

It then goes on to give the issue 5 out of 5 stars...

Anyway, we'll take it! Just a little reminder that you guys are in for something very special with this issue. I can't wait to get it in your hands!

Talk soon! Stay safe out there!


P.S. There are some other GREAT projects here on Kickstarter! Here is one that I'm currently backing:


Karl Kesel does GREAT work. He has written, inked, and occasionally penciled Superman, Superboy, Harley Quinn, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Captain America and many others... and he's back on Kickstarter with another kick ass project.

This was a quick back for me. GREAT concept and I couldn't resist that Jeff Smith cover (Yes, THAT Jeff Smith).

Anyway, CHECK IT OUT HERE! You won't regret it!

Well on our way!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Mar 26, 2021 at 03:35:00 AM

Hey Jumpers,

  Sorry again that it took me a minute to get you a proper update... I found out unexpectedly early this week that I was going to have to take a TV show into studio early next and so I had to push everything aside and go into heavy prep mode. Great news, obviously. Excellent oppurtunity, no doubt. But life if more than a little crazy right now.

The other good news is that the campaign is off to an excellent start! As I type this, we are a mere $673 away from funding. I assume we'll have that taken care of sometime this weekend and then it'll be onto the stretch goals. We have some really cool stuff planned for you as far as those are concerned... First, you'll get a dozen-plus extra comics as part of our bonus digital extravaganza the moment we fund... then you'll all receive this AMAZING Mike Mignola homage print Fabio put together (reveal to come) when we hit $10K... at $13K we'll have a new series of Rylend Grantverse trading cards for you... we started building this set out during the PEACEKEEPERS campaign... and I'm really excited to bring you more of them. If you missed out on the first series - the ABERRANT Lance Cordrey F*ckface card... the BANJAX Garbage Pail Kid... the PEACEKEEPERS Wanted Poster card - it can be had for JUST $3 in the add on section... and there's FREE SHIPPPING on these for all physcial backers!

The thing I'm most happy about right now is that backer count number... 141 of you in just a few days! We're on pace to absolutely shatter our numbers from our previous campaigns. I think this is a really great book and I'm so I'm downright giddy to have the opportunity here to get it into so many hands.

Tell a friend. Spread the word. There's a great comic party going down right here. So, SPREAD THE WORD.

PopCultHQ’s THE JUMP Into Your Local Comic Shop Giveaway

Speaking of telling your friends... the fine folks at PopCultHQ - perhaps the finest pop culture/comic book site in the land - are running this amazing promo right now where they are giving away one of our Retailer Tier packs - 10 copies of THE JUMP and/or PEACEKEEPERS and TONS of extras - to one lucky comic shop. Check out all of the info HERE and tell your LCS to enter!

I'll have more for you tomorrow. And I'll try to keep the updates as regular as I can. 

Talk soon, huh? And thanks so much again for taking this ride with us!


P.S. There are some truly wonderful campaign here on Kickstarter. Here is some of the stuff I'm backing right now!


DREADLOCK THE BARBARIAN is a swashbuckling cyberpunk western one-shot from artist/writer/all-around-good-guy Don Walker. This one looks like tons of fun and I can't wait to read.


HAUNTING #1-3 - A Supernatural Horror Comic

HAUNTING follows your average, everyday teenage brat...who just so happens to RAISE THE DEAD!

Wherever Bram goes, ghosts appear - restless spirits that attack the living viciously and without prejudice. Bram's spent his entire life turning a blind eye to the destruction and death caused by his strange ability. He didn't ask for this curse, so (by his logic, at least) none of it is his fault. But his recklessness finally catches up to him in the form of Deacon, a mysterious and vengeful man from his past. When Deacon corners Bram and Faith, a small-town girl with a tragic past, in Dusty Springs, Bram will finally be forced to learn that his actions have consequences... Whether he takes responsibility for those consequences is another question entirely.



INTO THE WILDERNESS is equal parts hard-boiled detective mystery and classic western, set among the abandoned things in the New Jersey forest, where talking dogs and off-the-grid humans precariously coexist.

After a deadly explosion rocks the New Jersey forest, a talking dog named Caprica and her stoic human partner Schneider go on the hunt for a killer.

Schneider and Caprica are Advocates, charged with keeping the peace between humans and dogs. But Schneider's grief has set him on the warpath. Can Caprica pull him back before he crosses the line between justice and vengeance? Or will the violence consume him like it has so many others?


A sincere thank you!
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Mar 25, 2021 at 01:44:36 PM

Hello Jumpers new and old!

Things are a bit crazy for me at the moment as I've been banished to a writing bunker unexpectedly to prep a TV show to go to studio. I promise I will take a minute soon and write up a properly juicy State of the Union, but I wanted to hit the pause button here for a just moment to thank you very sincerely for the tremendous start to the comapaign. Our funding goal is firmly in sight and we will be enthusiastically onto some incredible stretch goals very soon.

As always, I am here for you - writing bunker be damned - if you have questions or concerns or just want to see something new and exciting added to the campaign.

Watch this space, cause I'll be brining the heat here before you know it.

Thanks so much again for all of the love! I can't wait to get this book in your hands!


If you're looking for a little campaign fix, I recently talked all things JUMP/Kickstarter (and Cobra Kai and Magnum PI) with the Bearded Comic Bro. Great conversation! Check it out HERE.