THE JUMP 1-2 from Ringo Award-winner Rylend Grant

Created by Rylend Grant

A kick-you-in-the-teeth paranoid thriller set in the world of astral projection from the creator of Action Lab's ABERRANT and BANJAX.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

about 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 03:11:30 AM

Hey Jumpers,

We blasted on through that $13K sretch goal last night. The means that every backer will now receive our BONUS DIGITAL EXTRAVAGANZA (12+ comics from some of the hottest creators in the biz), that beautiful Mike Mignola-inspired print, and THREE new Rylendgrantverse Trading cards. Our next stretch goal unlocks at $16,000. It's a fun one, so tell a friend and help us get there.

I'll check back in tomorrow with more good news.

Until then!


P.S. There are some great campaigns running concurrently here on Kickstarter. Here are some things you should take a hard look at:


Do you dream in color? Even in your nightmares?

Pinpricks: the GN- the Bigger Book of Tiny and Terrible Oddities is here and now in full color. Not only that, the book will be bound as a glorious Hardcover edition keeping the contents comfortably trapped.

With a grouping of talented artists fresh from the asylum, see stories both old and new in an entirely different (and often darker) light.

Tales of clowns and spiders, monster killers in Teddy Bear suits, and much more.


Blood N'Bullets #1

A new supernatural Western graphic novel series with strong, charismatic female characters, based on Monte Moore's three times optioned screenplay.


Adventures of a System Admin: Back to Business

Adventures of a System Admin is about JJ, a college dropout and aspiring System Administrator that was hired by E.L.Y, a research company specializing in biometrics. His task is to protect and confront all types of hackers from exfiltrating valuable information. Everyday there are hackers with new tricks trying to gain access to the company’s most valuable assets; JJ is not that easily fooled and goes toe-to-toe with those hackers.

In Back to Business, JJ and TJ are not longer at E.L.Y. They are working on their own project and on the verge of creating their own security startup to help small businesses. At E.L.Y, the team is a bit confused on why JJ and TJ are no longer with them and Sandro is trying to get them back. The team have also struggled a bit and asked for JJ’s assistance already. Will JJ be back at E.L.Y? Will TJ be back at E.L.Y? The IT team won’t be the same; Some of these questions will be answered in these amazing issue.


Yule: Dreadful Tales for the Holiday Season

There'll be scary ghost stories
   And tales of the glories
   Of Christmases long, long ago

- Andy Williams, "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year"

This collection of short horror comics - from an all-star lineup of talent - will examine Yule, Winter Solstice, Saturnalia, and a slew of other terrifying folklore from around the world, from well-known tales of Krampus to the lesser-known Mari Lwyd, and all the bizarre traditions in between.


One week to go! LCS love from PopCultHQ!
about 3 years ago – Fri, Apr 16, 2021 at 03:07:15 AM

Hey Jumpers,

  We have just one week left and things are shaping up nicely. We're sitting at 297 backers currently and I'd really like to get that number over 300 by the end of the day, so tell a friend, invite someone to this kick ass comic party we're having.


Speaking of telling a friend... a reminder that our friends at the greatest geek webiste in all of the land - PopCultHQ - are giving one lucky LCS a JUMP/Rylend Grant comics cornucopia...

That's right, one lucky LCS will receive one of our RETAIL TIER packs - that's ten copies of THE JUMP and/or THE PEACEKEEPERS - AND ten copies of our rare PopCultHQ exclusive variants (Banjax - Demon in a Bottle and/or Aberrant - Weekend at Bernies). 

CHECK OUT ALL OF THE DETAILS HERE... and tell your local comic shop to enter!

Until tomorrow!


P.S. There are some great campaigns running concurrently here on Kickstarter. Here are a few you should take a look at:


MUTINY Magazine is representative of the diversity, expressiveness, and beauty of our communities and the comic medium.

You like your MARVELs, your DCs, your IMAGEs or BOOMs… You'll find all of them and (most important) their creators in MUTINY Magazine.

In-depth interviews, features and at least 55 pages of original comic stories from both established creators and fresh new blood. Oh, and different covers to choose from, all EXCLUSIVES!

This one looks like tons of fun, guys. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Lampblack #1

LAMPBLACK is a 24-page comic, the first in a limited series written by Camille Longley, with art by Pablo Peppino, colors by Damián Peñalba, and letters by Joel Saavedra. It's an oversized 8.5x11 inch landscape comic in a sweeping cinematic style. Lampblack has everything you expect in a coming-of-age story: horrifying ink monsters, wondrous forbidden magic, American Sign Language, runaways, and a cat (of course).

Lampblack is a story of friendship, family, and war, set in a fantastical world depicted in stunning detail. If you're a fan of Studio Ghibli, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Sabrina, or Pokémon, you will love exploring the world of Lampblack--a place filled with incredible creatures and fascinating magic.


Bloom - The Origin of a Prophet

The year is 1969. Ramsey is an aspiring comic book artist who is trying to find inspiration for his femme fatale. When he meets wild dancer, Regina, at a street fair he invites her into the woods for a character photoshoot where she begins to break on through to the other side. Witness the psycho-delic origin of the most powerful character in the Hero Tomorrow Comics universe. A mind-bending journey to reshape your reality!


Coffee House of Doom

Coffee House of Doom is an anthology of three dark roasted horror stories all taking place inside a coffee shop! Featuring maskless Karens, a soulless wizard, and lust-crazed fish-men! Featuring a bloody fun video, enter the Coffee House of Doom today to see what all the hype is about!


Word Balloon Podcast! $13K Coming Fast!
about 3 years ago – Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 09:39:13 PM

Hey Jumpers,

As I type this, we're sitting at 289 Backers and $12,892... we very well may kick our way through that $13K stretch goal by the end of the day. Fingers crossed. I'll hit you up once we do and give you a right and proper "HELL YEAH!" Here's the news of the day...


I hung out with HOF broadcaster Join Siuntres on his WORD BALLOON podcast on Sunday. I really dig talking with John because he always manages to get something odd ball and crazy out of me. We cover THE JUMP here, of course, but then we also have a long conversation about STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS, the film I wrote starring Emile Hirsch that shot during the COVID Pandemic underneath and active volcano in Guatemala... and we really get into some deep state of the comics business stuff.

Anyway, you don't want to miss this on. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Until next time!


P.S. There are some really great campaigns runing concurrently here on Kickstarter. Here's some stuff you should take a hard look at:


Are you tired of the same old super heroes or wannabe Jack Bauers? Do you enjoy mind-blowing action, fun, and excitement in your comics?

Savage Sasquanaut is a sci-fi adventure comic about the legendary Bigfoot, and he is lost in space! Join the real king of the monsters as Bigfoot fights aliens, steals spaceships, and confronts his biggest fears, as he arm-wrestles his way across the universe!

READING WITH A FLIGHTRING describes SAVAGE SASQUANAUT as "...Galaxy Quest with a touch of Paranormal Survivor and… is truly inspired..." and Eisner winner artist/writer Gene Ha says that it is “fun fast paced art and story.”

Writer Wes Hartman is an award winning freelance comic book colorist (BD Price Audience Award), who has spent nearly 20 years working for every major publisher as a colorist and has created, written, edited, and published countless indie comics. Outstanding newcomer Gab Santos and a who’s who of some of the industry’s best artists provide sensational variant covers (Marat Mychaels, Paolo Pantalena, Kelsey Shannon, Giuseppe Cafaro, V Ken Marion, and more) join him to bring the wild journey of Bigfoot in space.

One small step for man, one Bigfoot for mankind!


The Milford Green Saga

Milford Green is a normal Victorian village in the rolling hills of southern England. That is, until one summer's evening, when Alfie Fairfield, a socially awkward inventor, sees some kind of flying vehicle crash land into a field. Being a curious fellow who's interested in any type of machinery, Alfie investigates to find out that we are not alone in this Universe.

The Milford Green Saga is the entire collection of the Victorian space series, which follows the adventures of Alfie Fairfield and Mary Wells. Where they travel beyond Milford Green and have to defend Earth at all costs.

Who will enjoy The Milford Green Saga?

  •  Fans of Saga, Valérian & Laureline and science fiction comics at large.
  • Collectors of high quality independent comic books.
  • If you like the idea of Victorians in space.
  • And if you'd like to somewhat try before you buy, you can download and read the first instalment of the series for free by clicking here.


Immortal Era

Once again, we return to the world of Immortal Era. A hopeless world where death has not occured in over 200 years. Join our heroes on a quest where the only way to save humanity is by killing them.



Occulus #1 follows our protagonist, Esme Eldritch. The self-proclaimed master of mystery and sovereign of sorcery known as Occulus, who has been fighting monsters and evil forces for millennia. The first issue of the series focuses on how she became such an iconic name in the world of magic, and what sorts of threats hide in the darkness waiting to be unleashed.


CHEERS TO COMICS and $13K is coming!
about 3 years ago – Wed, Apr 14, 2021 at 03:10:52 AM

Hey all,

  We're about $311 shy of that $13K stretch goal as I type this. Hopefully, we blow past that in the next day or two and get you guys some shiny new trading cards. I'm more excited that that backer number is screaming towards 300. The monetary stuff is fine, but I'm all about getting books in people's hands... that's what lights my fire. So, tell a friend we've got a pretty cool book waiting for them here.


I had the pleasure of sitting down with Brian Wayne over at the CHEERS TO COMICS Podcast this week to talk all things JUMP. This is the 4th time I've been on the show. Brian and I have some really great, oddball conversations. This one is definitely worth a listen.


I'll be back tomorrow with more fun. Until then!


P.S. There are some other really great campaigns running concurrently on Kickstarter. Here are a few to take a look at:

Walo: A Central American Odyssey (Vol. 1)

“Walo” is a graphic novel about a young man from a small town in Nicaragua who flees a violent conflict in his country and sets off on a migrant odyssey through unfamiliar Central American territories with his unhinged uncle and best friend. Along the way he encounters dangerous gangs, corrupt land owners, and mythical beings from Central American folklore come-to-life, all in his quest to earn a few bucks.



Ahmose: Book I is the first of a two-book, bande dessinée format graphic novel series created and written by Ben Slabak (Exilium, The Mapmaker).

It is set in ancient Egypt and is inspired by real individuals and events during an extremely turbulent period in Egypt's rich history. It is presented from the point of view of King Ahmose and the famed warrior Ahmose, son of Ibana, as they struggle to reclaim their kingdom from a people known as the Hyksos who had gained control of much of Egypt. An epic story not to be missed!


Billy The Kit

An original supernatural horror western comic. Billy's entire family is slaughtered by a tornado God and he is out for revenge. Yes, you read that right - a tornado God, one of many that have begun to return years after the Sunslinger wars, when an army led by brave rabbits wielding weapons powered by the fire of prometheus, pushed back the darkness. Now that darkness is creeping back into the world, bringing demons, devils, witches, vampires, and more. Billy has vowed to avenge his family but his responsibility extends beyond the killer as he now stands as the last of the Sunslingers and the only line of defense against supernatural evil. 


The Veil Walker: Issue 1

Filled with 24 pages  of Action-thriller and mystery, with a unique blend of horror, The Veil Walker #1 is the introduction to a world ruled from the shadows by an ancient institution of witches and warlocks called The Order Of The Veil Guard. Readers will follow the exploits of the Veil Guards most decorated Inquisitor, Alexander Salvador nicknamed The Veil Walker. Brought to you by an insanely talented team at Oasi Comics.


The House of Indie Pod and Some Shout Outs
about 3 years ago – Sat, Apr 10, 2021 at 02:13:27 AM

Hey Jumpers,

  We've had a stellar 48 hours here... about 40 new backers joined us at the midpoint - during a time when most campaigns get stuck in the mud... I'm really excited about where this thing is headed. Again, if you like what you're seeing - and you're here, so I think you do - don't hesitate to invite a friend to the party.

I had the priveldge of guesting on THE HOUSE OF INDIE Podcast this morning, where I talked all things JUMP with Joey Galvez. Give it a listen if you dig such things:

I'll be back tomorrow with more fun. Until then!


P.S. - There are some really amazing campaigns running concurrently here on Kickstarter. Here's what you should take a hard look at:

The Dusk

THE DUSK is a modern reimagining of the superhero vigilante that flips the script on the traditional “might makes right” approach while adding the grounded, socially conscious perspective that modern crime fiction has become known for.

The graphic novel blends the dark deco of BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES with a dose of moral complexity and dark humor, creating an engaging and witty look at the inner workings of a beloved genre through the eyes of a flawed, human, and heroic figure.

Aided by an all-star team of fan favorite creators: Howard Chaykin, FrancescoFrancavilla, Jamal Igle, Rebekah Isaacs, Gabriel Hardman and more, Jamie Nuñez has begun to fight the never-ending battle for the heart and soul of Blackstone City.

I backed this on day 1 folks! It's an incredible project. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

KILLEROO: Semper Fidelis

If you loved the movie PREDATOR, you'll love this Aussie comic book that pits a squad of US Marines against the Killeroo, in a fierce battle in Kakadu to protect an illegal Uranium Mine.  KILLEROO is a long-running Australian comic book series, and SEMPER FIDELIS is written by Matthew Soall and drawn by Ignacio Di Meglio - and It might just be the best of the series so far!

This is a FUN one, guys! CHECK IT OUT HERE!

ThoughtScape Comics #1

ThoughtScape Comics is an anthology series serving up sci-if action, thrills and chills in the tradition of 2000 AD, Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone.

Anything is possible in these taut tales of trauma and transformation, of people pushed past their limits by the gods and monsters they meet - or become - at the edges of reality.

Each issue will run approximately 44 pages and feature both serialized and self-contained stories written by Matt Mair Lowery (Dark Horse Comics’ Lifeformed) and drawn by some of the most compelling artists in indie comics today. Oh, and each issue will have a killer cover from one of Matt's favorite artists. And gorgeous graphic design/packaging from one of his oldest friends, multimedia artist John Larsen. The series is planned to run eight or more issues (with a Kickstarter for each issue).

Great concept! Great art! CHECK IT OUT HERE!